After a 28-year ban, Alabama could allow yoga in public schools – Times of India

For nearly three decades, teaching yoga in Alabama’s public schools has been forbidden by the school board. One lawmaker, Jeremy Gray, has been trying to change that since 2019. He made progress on Thursday, when the state’s House of Representatives passed a bill that would override the ban. The bill, which was approved by a vote of 73-25, will soon be taken up by the Senate.
Gray, a Democrat, said that while some conservative legislators in the state might have opposed yoga because of its associations with Hinduism, officials on both sides of the aisle have been warming to the idea.
His legislation would override a 1993 school board regulation that says that “school personnel shall be prohibited from using any techniques that involve the induction of hypnotic states… meditation or yoga”.
Eric Johnston, a legal adviser for the Alabama Citizens Action Programme, or ALCAP, a church-supported group, said they intended to fight the bill when it reaches the Senate. Gray said his bill would allow schools and students to make their own decisions about yoga classes. It also says schoolteachers can’t say “namaste,” or any kind of chant. “You have to compromise,” Gray said.

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