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WASHINGTON: The United States rejoined the Paris climate accord on Friday even as a Texas-sized political controversy erupted in the country over collapsed power grids and water supply disruption – widely attributed to global warming – in the Republican-run state.
“Don’t Mess With Texas,” an anti-littering slogan that is now seen as a declaration of independent identity and Texas swagger didn’t stand a chance against Mother Nature, messing with which global warming experts say is what has caused havoc in the hydrocarbon-rich state.
More than 50 people have died in an Arctic freeze from a winter storm that has left millions without power, heat, and water supply in a state famed for warm weather.
Local officials, including the state’s Republican Governor Greg Abbott, have blamed “green energy” for the catastrophe, specifically blaming frozen wind turbines for blackouts, and using it as a stick to beat the Green New Deal that Democrats and liberals are advocating. Renewable energy proponents, including Bill Gates, are pushing back, pointing out that the state runs largely on fossil fuels and wind power accounted for less than 13 percent of the 30 to 35 gigawatts of total outages.
The embarrassing disaster has China rubbing its hands in glee even as President Biden is walking Washington back into the climate change accord which his predecessor Donald Trump took the US out of to walk into the cold.
“Not to be wanting of food or clothing, not to be hungry or cold, this is the fundamental human right that is the most real,” Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying implicitly sneered in Beijing. “In the meantime in Texas … millions of people found themselves caught in the terrible situation of not having electricity and heating at home, a few tens of people even lost their lives because of this.”
Although electricity has been restored in most of the state, supermarkets are reported to be running out of food and 13 million – half of the state’s population – are under ‘boil water’ orders, with more than 300,000 still without power after five days.
While many Texans are freezing, there is plenty of heat in the political circuit where the state’s Senator Ted Cruz is being roasted for fleeing to sunny Cancun across the border to escape the disaster. Cruz initially tried to talk his way out of a jam by insisting he was just being a good family man and dropping off his wife, daughter, and friends. But he was outed by emails showing he too planned to getaway for the week, resulting in a chastened return to Texas.
Social media disparagement followed. “Heroic father crosses into Mexico to find running water, heat, and electricity for his family,” read one meme. Another tweet alerted immigration authorities to “one Rafael (Ted) Cruz sneaked into the US from Mexico today.”
Compounding the humiliation, Cruz also angered America’s legion of 100million plus dog lovers when it was revealed that he had left the family poodle in the dark, freezing home while the family fled to the luxury resort in Cancun. The poodle’s name? Snowflake.

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