How to Recover Your Gmail Account After Forgotten Your Email ID/ Password

How to Recover Your Gmail Account After Forgotten Your Email ID/ Password

Here’s how you can repair your Google/gmail account, even if you don’t have a secret email or phrase.

Consider this – due to a typical device update or upgrade, a bunch of Google user accounts got deleted. Pile! How can you recover your Google Account backup with all the data and how long you can play online? With interesting help you convert data loss pressure into easy recovery. Full backup data to active account of deleted account.

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Gmail saves files to Google Keep, Google Drive, Google Photos, and other services that are powered by a Google Account, the most important ID for many people. As a result, losing access because forgetting a password can be very stressful. In such cases, here is how you can recover your email ID.

When you can’t remember your password:

When you don’t remember your Google Account password but you do remember your email address, you can visit the Google Account recovery page to recover your account.

Step 1: Open any browser and search for “Google Account Recovery” and open the first link in the results. On the Google Account Recovery page, enter your email address.

Step 2: Google will now ask you if you remember. If you remember the previous password, enter it here and follow the rest of the instructions. If not, select the “Try other” option on the left.

Step 3: Google will now start asking security questions so that you can verify that when you try to recover your account, not. Answer your security questions and follow the instructions to change your password and access your account.

Or, if your Google Account is linked to the phone, you can view information about the phone instead of security questions to verify your identity. The notification will ask if you try to change the password. Continue and tap the ‘Yes’ button and your original browser window will now take you directly to the password change screen.

Enter a new password Either way, enter a mighty new password that you have no chance. Try writing down a password on a secure paper section, or use a password management tool.

When you can’t remember your Email account:

When you don’t remember your Google email ID, things get a little more difficult. However, if you remember the telephone number or recovery e-mail ID associated with the Google Account you are trying to restore, it is possible to recover your account.

Most people using Android phones will have their number two telephone number linked to their Google account for services. If you do that, you can move on.

Step 1: Go to the Google Account Recovery page again. Instead of adding your email ID, say “Forgot email?” Choose. bottom right button

Step 2: Enter your registered telephone number or e-mail recovery ID. Then the screen will ask you to enter your full name. Enter the same name as the account you are trying to restore.

Step 3: Google will now send a verification code to your mobile number or take your email address. Enter the code you will receive on the next screen.

Step 4: After successfully sending the correct code six digits, Google will display your email ID registered with a special telephone number or recovery email. If you have more than one Google, you’ll be able to register everything here.

Step 5: Select the account you need to restore. Enter your password and continue. If you do not remember this account password, you can continue to select the “Forgot Password” button and change your password.

Tip: If you don’t have a registered ID email or cellphone number, it’s possible to find the email ID you’ve forgotten. Even if you have access to email id through browser, you can have browser history from that day.

If you do this, go to browser history for that day and try to find your Gmail tab. Your email address may be on the Gmail tab. From here, you can recover your email ID and change your password to proceed with the password recovery section.

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