In Senate deal, Trump trial put off until February 8 – Times of India

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer struck a deal with Republican leader Mitch McConnell that puts off former President Trump’s impeachment trial for two weeks, allowing the chamber to forge ahead with confirmation votes on President Biden’s cabinet picks. The House’s single article of impeachment — “inciting an insurrection” by stoking a mob into storming the Capitol — will be ceremoniously delivered on Monday to the Senate chamber, and read aloud.
But House Democratic impeachment managers and Trump’s defence team then have until the week of February 8 to draft opposing briefs. The deal for this deferred timetable resolves one of Biden’s main challenges — providing days in-between to potentially fill the president’s cabinet and begin work on his Covid-relief plan. It also reflects a compromise with McConnell, who urged setting a timetable that would have pre-trial arguments filed by February 11.

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