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It was a day when Iraq decided to send peace forces to the US while Afghanistan and Somalia expressed concern about the situation in Washington DC.
No, none of this happened in reality. This was social media users chortling at America’s predicament and piling on the snark with scathing, sarcastic one-liners, memes and spoofs on the storming of the Capitol by a pro-Donald Trump mob.
While millions of Americans and people across the world balked at what they saw live on TV, jokes on how the tables had turned on the country that positions itself at the global vanguard of democracy also began circulating widely. One that blazed through WhatsApp went, “Due to travel restrictions, this year the United States had to organize the coup at home.”
It was in the same spirt of a meme on Iraq sending peacekeepers to Washington – with the subtext, ‘they need democracy now more than ever’ – and Twitterati chiming in that Somalia and Afghanistan would do the same.
“I’m waiting for the USA to invade the USA so they can ‘re-establish democracy’,” wrote Felipe Neto, a Brazilian political commentator. Other social media users put themselves in Pakistan’s shoes and called on Americans to “maintain peace and respect the outcome of the elections”.

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