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WASHINGTON: With less than 144 hours to go before he exits the White House, Donald Trump is being called a “flight risk” amid White House disarray, Republican Party dissidence, aides’ desertion, and family members decamping.
Talk of Trump fleeing the country if he is convicted in a Senate trial and faces criminal prosecution after he leaves office was triggered off by reports in both the conservative media (Washington Times) and liberal press (Politico) which cited experts discussing his prospective destination countries and whether the US has extradition treaties with them.
“He’s got money. He’s got property. He’s got access. The government would argue that he’s a flight risk,” an international extradition expert told the Times, which named UAE, Ireland, and Scotland, where he has assets, as his potential destinations.
“He’s not going back to New York and he is not going to enjoy the comfort at Mar-a-Lago he would have in the pre-Capitol-ransacking world. I’ll bet the feasibility of fleeing has come up because, in my mind, it is the only way to avoid instant accountability and reckoning,” a former intelligence officer told the paper.
The tattle about tee-ing off abroad came even as several Trump associates began deserting him and making critical remarks after four years of unquestioning loyalty. Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and former Homeland Security chief Chad Wolf are among those who dumped on the departing President as the lights started going out at the Trump White House.
Deprived of his personal Twitter account and disdained by banks, financial institutions, big tech and big business, Trump is reported to be “isolated and angry,” raging in a near empty White House. According to one account, he has instructed his aides not to pay his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani his $20,000 a day legal fees after the latter failed to make the case for the election being stolen from Trump.
The Trump family, including his daughters Ivanka and Tiffany, and his sons Eric and Don Jr, are all packing up from not just Washington DC, but also New York City where they grew up, and heading down to Florida, where the President has now established residency.
The defeated President is being taunted and trashed as he departs, with his critics taking it out on him after suffering four years of his bragging and bluster. “Barack Obama has a Grammy, an Emmy, a Nobel Prize, 2 terms as President and a Twitter account. Donald Trump has 2 impeachments,” read one social media post on Thursday.
Politically, the Republican Party is splintering into factions still loyal to Trump, opposed to Trump, and those who are treading a delicate middle ground concerned about their political fortunes given the following the soon to be ex-president still commands in the base.

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