Man held near future residence of Kamala Harris with rifle, says police – Times of India

WASHINGTON: A Texas man was arrested on Wednesday near the US Naval Observatory in Washington, the future residence of Vice-President Kamala Harris, after he was stopped by the Secret Service. A uniformed Secret Service officer spotted the man, Paul Murray, 31, around noon near the observatory, where vice presidents traditionally live. (Harris has not moved in yet.) He had a long gun and ammunition in a nearby car.
An intelligence bulletin from Texas had warned law enforcement about Murray, officials said. Murray’s mother had also warned the police that her son was in Washington, authorities said. While the Secret Service detained Murray, officers from Washington’s metropolitan police department tracked down his car, where they found a rifle and ammunition. The Secret Service then turned Murray over to the police. He faces gun and ammunition possession charges. Harris was not at the observatory on Wednesday, but in an office building near the White House. Security has been increased in the nation’s capital since January 6 capitol riots.

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