Microsoft backs pay-for-news law in US, takes aim at Google – Times of India

Alphabet’s Google attacked Microsoft for rallying support for legislation that would give news publishers more power to negotiate with technology platforms for payment for content. Google said in a blog post on Friday that Microsoft is engaging in “naked corporate opportunism” by appearing before Congress to back a proposal that would allow media organisations to band together to negotiate with Google and Facebook.
“They’re reverting to their familiar playbook of attacking rivals and lobbying for regulations that benefit their own interests,” wrote Google’s chief legal officer Kent Walker. “They’re now making self-serving claims and are even willing to break the way the open web works in an effort to undercut a rival.”
Google’s statement came ahead of a hearing on Friday held by the House antitrust panel that’s considering legislative proposals aimed at reining in the power of Google and Facebook.
Microsoft president Brad Smith testified in favour of the bill. He lamented the closing of small newspapers in communities across the US, and blamed tech firms for siphoning ad revenue from news organisations. He placed particular blame on Google’s control over the digital ad market. BLOOMBERG

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