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WASHINGTON: The US Supreme Court on Tuesday summarily rejected defeated President Donald Trump’s effort to overturn election results in Pennsylvania. A majority of Republican lawmakers joined Democrats to pass a $740 billion defence policy bill that Trump has pledged to veto. And another Trump lawyer has come down with Covid-19 infection as the pandemic surges across the country.
Such embarrassing setbacks aside, Trump continues to serially challenge election results. He is now backing a lawsuit filed by Texas on Tuesday to overturn the outcome in four states won by Joe Biden in a case effectively that pits Republican states versus Democratic states.
“We will be INTERVENING in the Texas (plus many other states) case. This is the big one. Our Country needs a victory!” Trump tweeted on Wednesday, adding, “There is massive evidence of widespread fraud in the four states (plus) mentioned in the Texas suit. Just look at all of the tapes and affidavits!”

It was not clear what he meant by “intervening” but going by the Pennsylvania case, where the Conservative-majority Supreme Court peremptorily dismissed the Trump effort without offering a reasoning or a dissenting note, legal experts give little chance of success of the long-shot Texas lawsuit.
Trump’s “tapes and affidavits,” have been laughed out of court and is the butt of ridicule in public forum. Judges, even those appointed by Trump and previous Republican Presidents, have been harsh in their dismissal of lawsuits. Charges that poll workers pulled out suitcases full of ballots for Biden when no one was looking has been debunked even by Republican officials who reviewed the tapes. Yet, Trump doggedly insists on courting one legal defeat after another.
In another humiliating political setback, scores of Republican lawmakers joined Democrats on Tuesday in a 335-78 passage of a defence policy bill that Trump opposes because it seeks, among other things, to remove the names of Confederate generals from military bases.
“I hope House Republicans will vote against the very weak National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which I will VETO. Must include a termination of Section 230 (for National Security purposes), preserve our National Monuments, & allow for 5G & troupe [sic] reductions in foreign lands!” Trump had warned. But more than 100 Republican lawmakers ignored his threat, suggesting they are ready to move on and work with the new dispensation although many do not publicly acknowledge a Biden win for fear of losing support of the Trump base.

Trump also objects to the bill because it does not repeal legislation – known as Section 230 – that protects social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook from liability for what is posted there. While Trump is angry over being humiliated on the platforms every day with hashtags denigrating him, he and his supporters are being flagged all the time for bogus claims of election fraud and spreading conspiracy theories.
Dubbed the “clown show,” the antics of Trump supporters has become gold dust for comedians. On Tuesday, Jenna Ellis, a lawyer who worked with Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, himself a butt of jokes, also tested positive for Covid-19. Ellis, who in 2016 had called Trump an ‘idiot’ and said his supporters didn’t care about facts or logic, before becoming a Trump loyalist, had tweeted recently that there was no pandemic.
“Ellis was also spotted at the White House staff Christmas party on Friday. There she is. No mask, no brain,” late night show host Jimmy Kimmel observed, showing a clip of the event and calling out the rank idiocy of White House parties with no mask mandates. “So… I’m starting to think the virus may have a sense of humor about all this.”

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