Social Humour: Biden stumbles thrice while boarding Air Force One, Twitter reacts – Times of India

DISCLAIMER: This is a compilation of humour being shared by netizens around the world. Times of India neither condones nor endorses any of the views shared in this article here. The subject matter is intended purely as satire.
NEW DELHI. 78-year-old US President Joe Biden on Friday lost his control and tripped multiple times while climbing up the steps to Air Force One.
Taking the first couple of steps, Biden trips about halfway up the stairs. He manages to recover, then stumbles again and briefly goes down on one knee, video footage shows.

US President Joe Biden stumbles while trying to board Air Force One

A 30-second clip of the ‘great’ fall soon floated around social media platforms with people reacting to it by making memes and one-liners.

Memes followed

When irony stumbles…..

Will the real POTUS stand up?

So this happened

Comparisons with ‘fall’of American Songwriter Jason Derulo were drawn.

When there is a will, there is a way

Was Putin behind it?


Another day another gaffe

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