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Trump signals he will run again in 2024 – Times of India

WASHINGTON: Former US President Donald Trump returned centerstage on Sunday, using a Conservative jamboree to quash speculation that he would form a new political outfit while reasserting his stranglehold on the Republican Party and implicitly declaring he would run for the White House in 2024. “Do you miss me yet?” …

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Madam Vice-President assumes office – Times of India

WASHINGTON: The apocryphal story goes that an antagonist who was in front of the writer Dorothy Parker opened the door for her to go in first, tartly remarking, “age before beauty!” Parker sashayed in, fluting, “pearls before swine!” It’s an exchange that could have happened in Washington DC today, as …

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Biden, Harris inspect troops from Capitol steps – Times of India

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have taken part in the traditional inaugural military tradition of “Pass in Review.” Biden, Harris and their spouses stood on Wednesday on the East Front steps of the US Capitol to observe the procession of ceremonial military regiments. Several groupings passed …

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