US Congressman sends Holi greetings to Indian-Americans – Times of India

WASHINGTON: Sending Holi greetings to Indian-Americans, an influential US Congressman from New York on Friday said the festival of colour sends renewed opportunity to celebrate peace, friendship and opportunity.
“Holi Mubarak to all celebrating on Long Island, in New York and all around the world. While this year’s celebration will once again look different, families can celebrate this festival of love, colours, and spring safely. But as sure as winter turns to spring, so does this renewed opportunity to celebrate peace, friendship, and opportunity,” Congressman Tom Suozzi, a Democrat, said.
Over the years, Suozzi said he has had the chance to be a part of many Holi celebrations.
“It is always a wonderful time filled with amazing food and the company of good friends. To all my friends in the Indian-American community and others who are celebrating, I wish you a happy Holi!” Suozzi said.

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