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Pro-Trump protesters storm into the U.S. Capitol on Jan 6,2021 (Reuters)

WASHINGTON: US law enforcement agencies are dragging MAGA extremists kicking and screaming out of airplanes, airports, and the rabbit holes they have crawled back into after their storming of the US Capitol, amid fears of another domestic terror attack, this time on the Biden inauguration.
The crackdown on homegrown extremism follows threats by nativist militias and white supremacists to storm the capital again even as lawmakers are moving ahead with the process on Monday to impeach Donald Trump a second time after his fractured cabinet ignored Congressional demands to fire him using the 25th amendment.
Authorities are reassessing security arrangements for the Biden swearing in at noon on January 20 on the steps of the US Capitol, the site of the MAGA mob attack, amid calls in some quarters to move the event indoors or to a safer location.
More stunning footage and accounts are now emerging of the storming of the Capital by a blood-thirsty pro-Trump mob, leaving little doubt that they were seeking to eliminate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and vice-president Mike Pence among others. Pelosi recounted in a 60 minutes interview how her staff hid under desks for hours as rioters vandalized her office.
Another lawmaker, New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, said Trump and his MAGA minions must be held accountable for the attack after “half of the House came close to DYING.”
Cortez and other liberal and moderate lawmakers are now pressing for not just the 25th amendment to remove Trump from office but also for invoking the 14th Amendment to expel scores of Republican lawmakers who participated in efforts to subvert the results of the election.
Many Republicans, who for four years enabled an “unhinged” President’s most grotesque excesses, are hurriedly dissociating themselves from Trump and the MAGA (now dubbed Make America Grate Again) mob. Many MAGA extremists are being hunted down for arrest and prosecution after they brazenly boasted about their storming of the Capitol on social media, much of which is now out-of-bounds for their violent messaging now.
Revolted by the MAGA excrescence, some of whom boasted of defecating in the halls of Congress, social media, civil society, law enforcement, and business and industry is putting them and their mentors out of commission.
The Professional Golf Association announced it is moving its 2022 PGA Championship away from Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Hotels, banks, and other businesses that make political donations have begun cutting off money to Republican lawmakers who support the MAGA insurrection. Extremists who stormed the Capitol are being fired from their jobs (where they have one) even as the FBI and law enforcement authorities are mopping them up from airports and airplanes as they head back home.
Several clips posted on social media under the hashtag #MAGATerrorists showed radicalized white MAGA stormtroopers being dragged kicking and screaming from airports, much to the relief (and in some cases rejoicing) from those who have long suffered their racism and the establishment’s coddling of it.
In one case, a young white man being restrained and handcuffed at an airport, shouts, “You are treating me like a f**king Black person!” Another woman dragged kicking and screaming from an airport yells she had four children with her. “Hey officer, what are you going do with her kids?” someone off camera asks. “We got this, okay? This is not our first time arresting people with kids,” the officer responds sharply.
Several people commented on the time the Trump administration separated refugee parents from their kids and put them in cages. Others reminded those protesting that the MAGA movement should not be blamed for the actions of a few of how Trump sought to ban Muslims from coming to America for the actions of a few.
With help from more than 17,000 tips and photos and footage posted online, authorities are now identifying extremists who among other acts built wooden gallows and hung a noose on it, carried zip tie handcuffs in Congress with alleged intent to take hostages and hang them, desecrated the US flag, assaulted police officers, and essayed death chants.
Authorities are under pressure from some lawmakers to investigate and act against Trump, his family members, and his associates, including extremist GOP lawmakers, for inciting the mob. A prominent pro-Trump lawyer who posted “Get the firing squad ready. Pence goes FIRST,” on Parler (which has been banned) is on their radar, as is a pro-gun Republican Congresswoman who is alleged to have live tweeted Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s location when the mob was looking for her.
More than 100 pro-Trump Republican lawmakers, now dubbed the “treason caucus” or “sedition caucus” have fallen relatively quiet, like their defeated and departing President who has been denied his social media megaphone. Some moderate Republicans have come out openly against them after four years of enabling and acquiescence through silence.


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